As Unilever, we are a Purpose-Led, Future-Fit business serving people to help them live more sustainable lives. Our world has never been more digitally connected; but will continue to change. We believe we can use digital transformation purposefully. But to achieve this, we need your innovative and visionary ideas as our young friends! With the Chain Reaction Industry X.0 program, our aim is to prepare both our supply chain and our ecosystem for the future by bringing creative solutions to the problems in our factories within the framework of our priorities.

In Unilever’s Knorr & Lipton factory located in Tuzla and Algida factory located in Corlu, we have identified issues needed to be developed under 5 main pillars and together with the valuable ideas of students who come from different universities and departments, we would like to improve ourselves by learning from each other and be the change itself.

In both of our factories, we identified problems under our priorities as Sustainability, Productivity, Digital, Campus Life and Community; and together with the project teams, we aim to find creative, effective and purposeful solutions for these problems. The selected project teams will be working on the identified problem for 3 months. During project period, teams are expected to present an ideation and prototype by combining their creative ideas. Within this journey, teams will receive on-the-job design thinking and coaching support and also will be guided by project leaders in Unilever.

With Chain Reaction Industry X.0, we will have a chance to get to know the dynamics of the changing world together and we will move forward to the future by enriching with new perspectives!😊

  • To be under-graduated student (3rd and 4th year) and post graduated student

  • To have a good command of English

  • To be excited for preparing for future world by creative ideas

  • To believe that learning is a life-long and unique experience

You should apply as an individual. Then teams will be gathered from students who have successfully completed all the application steps.
Step 1 : Complete the application form via web site
Step 2 : Complete the test that will be sent after completing the application
Step 3 : For the ones who complete the Step 2 successfully, the survey and video recording link will be sent
Unfortunately, one person has only one chance to fill out the application form and everyone will be getting the test link only once.
Yes, since Chain Reaction Industry X.0 is a separate program, you need to apply and complete all the steps successfully.
According to your reactions within the application steps, we will determine the teams that will be the most suitable to work effectively as a team. You will have a chance to meet your teammates at the kick off meeting of the project
You will learn specific project issues in project kick off meeting but we can share how we grouped each issue under 5 main pillars;
-Campus Life
Each team will have a project leader from Unilever for a guidance. At the same time, on-the-job design thinking and coaching support will be provided throughout the project period.